Warhorse strives to raise the bar on the timeliness, quality and accuracy of locates through efficiency, ingenuity and training.

About Warhorse Locating

Warhorse Locating, headquartered in Hamilton, provides buried utility protection for the Greater Toronto Area as well as along the lakeshore and into the rural lands of Southern Ontario

Warhorse is independently owned and operated by Todd Grinham, a Damage Prevention Specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the locate industry.


Wilderness and Remote Location First Aid CPR AED
Confined Space Supervisor
Trainer in NULCA Locator Training Standards and Practices
Smith Driving System Instructor
Workplace Violence Awareness
WSIB JHSC registered member
Manufacturer trained by Radio Detection on the RD 8000 PL
Manufacturer trained by Metrotech/ViVax on the Vloc Pro model
Manufacturer trained by Pipehorn on the 100 and 800 models
Manufacturer trained by Rycom
TTC trackside certified

Interested in Service?

Warhorse Locating specializes in just one thing: finding utilities and because that’s all we do, we do it very well.
Free site consultation
Free quote with no hidden charges
No extra charge for travel costs
Positively no upselling
Weekends and evenings for your convenience
Quality of public locates evaluation
Record of locate provided onsite
Timely response
Manage one calls for the client
Competitive rates

Warhorse Locating can provide a safety-sweep to confirm the accuracy of public utilities’ markings for information purposes only.
Sampling of public utilities that are commonly in need of checking:
Telephone Cables
Natural Gas mains and services
Hydro Electric primaries and secondaries
Transmission Pipelines
Cable Television cables
Steam pipes
Water mains and laterals
Sewage mains and laterals
Traffic Signals
Railway Signals
Fibre Optics telecommunication cables

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